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Fran Bjorneby Kraemer Email
March 3, 2015

I grew up in Edinburg - daughter of Paul and June Bjorneby.
I am looking for information for the church - perhaps there is a place where I can get information to make a financial donation to the was my place of worship for many years.
I now live in Philadelphia, and have been a professional singer for my entire career.
Any information would be helpful!

Sharon Johnson Hodge Email
March 2, 2015

calling all classmates of EHS 1965. It's almost unbelievable, 50 years since that day

Let's celebrate

Carol Kadlec Howe Email
Feb 19, 2015

Hello Rita and Edinburg, 
I just want to add my thanks for the Crow's Nest, Rita. When I feel nostalgic and miss ND, which is fairly often, I love going to the archives and reading about life in Edinburg. What a lot of work you put in to it, but how wonderful it is for those of us that grew up there and still love thinking about life in Edinburg.  I hope all is well and thanks again. 

Ken Ruud  Email
Sept 26, 2014

I also really appreciate you sending out the Crow's nest as well as all the other information every month Rita.  Thanks! I remember Chris Tveit, very nice man.

Chris (Joe) Byron Email
Sept 20, 2014

Thanks for including the news about Chris Tveit, very sorry to hear of his passing. When he was living there in Edinburg I use to be able to stop at Lyle's and most of the time catch him to share a coffee and talk, but have missed that since they moved. He will be missed. Keep up this great work you do on the "Crow's Nest" since I found it a couple of years ago I make sure I check it every month. Greetings to all who remember me from the middle 50's.

Dennis Lofthus Email
Aug 10, 2014

I am looking for Bill Lofthus, a cousin, that lives in Edinburg. The last time I spoke to him, he had his house up for sale and was planning to move.  I would appreciate any information anyone can provide. Thank you. 
Dennis Lofthus

Miranda Seim Email
July 14, 2014

Hello Edinburg! Jameson Seim ( son of Ken and Vikki Seim) and I would like to extend an invitiation to all our friends and family in the Edinburg area. We were married October 19th, 2013 in Bismarck. It was a very private service for just immediate family. So now we would like the chance to celebrate with everyone! We will be having a reception on Sat July 26th at The Post in Mandan, ND at 6pm. The Post is a historical depot located 2.5 south of Mandan on 1806. Please join us for some delicious Norwegian and German food, dancing and drinks. 
Jameson and Miranda Seim

Ann Gire Cole Email
May 12, 2014

Recently I translated a Norwegian memoir written by Olav Rodegard, who emigrated from Hallingdal in 1920 and worked for several years on farms in the Edinburg area, including the Gire farm.  Olav went on to many adventures, including national ranking as a skier and service in World War !!. Olav was a founding member of the 10th Mountain Division, along with other Norwegian immigrants, and trained many of the U.S troops who were part of the Italian campaign.

Olav moved back to Norway in middle age and lived on his family farm, skiing into his 90s.  He died just short of his 100th birthday, several years ago. He came back to Edinburg a least twice for visits. I remember meeting him. He gave my father, Lloyd, a copy of his memoir on one of those visits. Dad wasn't able to read it, he said, because it was written in "a different Norwegian" from what he knew. (I think Dad had learned the Norwegian of his mother, who was from western Norway, while Olav grew up close to Oslo.) I regret that I didn't accomplish this translation until after Dad's death.

If anyone would like to have a copy of the translation, I would be happy to provide it in pdf form. He writes about his life and work in Edinburg as a young man. This material includes names and places that will be familiar to many in Edinburg.

wally Email
April 29, 2014

Here in Fargo with Wanda,Sandee,Clint and my wife Diane have been to a wedding of Sue,s daughter. Leave for home tomorrow great time

Judy Rohrer Talarczyk Email
April 1, 2014

Imagine my surprise when I opened the Crow's Nest this morning and saw school pictures of several classmates and me!  I enjoy reading the Edinburg news regularly.
My parents and I left Edinburg in 1954.  Mom and Dad, John and Amy Rohrer, visited several times.  The last time I visited was in 1975 with my family and had a wonderful, but brief, visit with relatives and friends. 
My husband and I have lived just outside Portland, Oregon for over 30 years.  The welcome mat is on the step and the coffee pot is always ready.   Come visit Oregon and stop by for a chat.

Thank you, Rita, for keeping up the site.  The news, pictures and your commentary 
are appreciated!
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