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Jeanne Johansen Pederson Email
Jan 5, 2016

Voted for my Home Town of the week Edinburg and i couldn't be more proud to call it my home town! Such good memories. Enjoy just coming home and being with family.Class of 1976.

Ann Gire Cole Email
Oct 30, 2015

"This is what we do. We take care of our people."
That's what Lana told me when I thanked her for helping with the refreshments for Mother's funeral on Monday.

Mother was the last of her family of ten sisters and brothers and their spouses. And she was the last of Dad's family of eight sisters and brothers and their spouses. Her parents, and Dad's, were all immigrants who found the promise of America in Edinburg. I know Mother's thoughts turned often to Edinburg in her last years. It was  home.

I am back  in Maine now, full of gratitude for all that you,  our family's friends and neighbors in Edinburg, did to help Linda, Mark, and me bring our mother home, where she needed and wanted to be.

Ann Gire Cole

Erma Lone 
Oct 13, 2015

My Grandfather Joseph Peterson was born just south of Edinburg in 1885 on what the locals tell me is called Peppermint Hill. When I see that landmark, I know I am almost to Edinburg :-)

Rita Mielke Email
Sept 26, 2015

This is just a test message sent to the guestbook.  Someone told me they were unable to post a message.  I want to make sure the site is working.  Have a great day.

Kevin Steinke Email
June 29, 2015

Great site... My Mom was from area. Emily (Sigurdson) Steinke. Love visiting my family there! 

Don Hartje Email
May 10, 2015

John & Magdalena Sveen were my great-uncle/aunt.  Wonderful Sveen family!  I think often of them & their family.  Sveen kids (back then), Johnson kids, Moe kids.  My great-aunt Mary came from Norway (Rena) July 22, 1909, on the ship Majestic.  My wonderful (and she sure was) grandmother Helga Dinkel, came September 20, 1910, on the ship United States - with Helfrida Nygaard, Astrid Christiansen, & others that are on the log.  Aunt Mary came with $25.  Grandma with $75.  Uncle John came through Canada.
Edinburg, ND, is a great place.....with great people!  That part of the world will always be special.

Fran Bjorneby Kraemer Email
March 3, 2015

I grew up in Edinburg - daughter of Paul and June Bjorneby.
I am looking for information for the church - perhaps there is a place where I can get information to make a financial donation to the was my place of worship for many years.
I now live in Philadelphia, and have been a professional singer for my entire career.
Any information would be helpful!

Sharon Johnson Hodge Email
March 2, 2015

calling all classmates of EHS 1965. It's almost unbelievable, 50 years since that day

Let's celebrate

Carol Kadlec Howe Email
Feb 19, 2015

Hello Rita and Edinburg, 
I just want to add my thanks for the Crow's Nest, Rita. When I feel nostalgic and miss ND, which is fairly often, I love going to the archives and reading about life in Edinburg. What a lot of work you put in to it, but how wonderful it is for those of us that grew up there and still love thinking about life in Edinburg.  I hope all is well and thanks again. 

Ken Ruud  Email
Sept 26, 2014

I also really appreciate you sending out the Crow's nest as well as all the other information every month Rita.  Thanks! I remember Chris Tveit, very nice man.
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