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Pastor erik Email
Oct 17, 2016

Check in every year or so.  Pray for Crossroads often.  Hope the store stays open as We remember Jif working there.  Edinburg has a special place in us. 

Katie Knoblach Email
Oct 11, 2016

Hi Auntie Reets! Thanks for keeping up the website. It's fun to check in periodically and see what's been happening (even though I talk to my parents so often!). Plan on heading up in a few weeks, hopefully in time for the Walsh County Fair. Maybe the kids could mutton bust this time!

Terri carter Email
Oct 8, 2016

I wanted to let people who knew Sylvia Lowe (Gestson) that she passed away Oct. 6th. Sylvia is my aunt and was such a wonderful person. She will be missed.

Faye Brevik Steinmetz Email
Sept 24, 2016

Recently spent the summer back in Edinburg with my sister and brother in law Mary and Steve. Had a wonderful time and wanted to say everyone in Edinburg should be so proud of this beautiful town and the kind people in it. Everthing is so well kept.

Kathy Gestson Taylor Email
May 11, 2016

Myron and Stephanie are my parents.  Dad has passed and Mom lives in Nebraska with my sister, Lori.  It makes me smile to see the pictures of people I know.  I haven't lived in a small town since I moved out of North Dakota.  I am so happy to see nothing has changed in Edinburg.  I am also thankful for this site.  I have sent an email to my Aunt Sylvia who posted in February.  I haven't spoken to her since my Dad passed away.  Thank you for the opportunity to not only stay current with the community but to stay true to who I am. 

Kathy Gestson Taylor 

Lawrence Rathbun Email
April 7, 2016

Mr Evenson                      My Hero       You Taught me in school  I graduated in 1962 I will always remember you cause you believed in me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Sylvia Gestson Lowe Email
Feb 28, 2016

Rita, I want to thank you for all the hard work you put in to keep us posted about our great city of Edinburg !!    It has been many years since I have lived there and not too many people remember me but I have fond memories of growing up in Edinburg.  I have not been back there since 2009, but one of these days I will come back.  I have a sister, Dolly Halverson in Park River and my friends, John & Eunice Evenson that I would really love to see again.  I knew your Mom & Dad and your Mom was my 7th grade teacher she was then "Miss Sorbo).  Much loved teacher, I must say)  Please keep up the good work, it is much appreciated !!!!!!!

Jeanne Johansen Pederson Email
Jan 4, 2016

Voted for my Home Town of the week Edinburg and i couldn't be more proud to call it my home town! Such good memories. Enjoy just coming home and being with family.Class of 1976.

Ann Gire Cole Email
Oct 30, 2015

"This is what we do. We take care of our people."
That's what Lana told me when I thanked her for helping with the refreshments for Mother's funeral on Monday.

Mother was the last of her family of ten sisters and brothers and their spouses. And she was the last of Dad's family of eight sisters and brothers and their spouses. Her parents, and Dad's, were all immigrants who found the promise of America in Edinburg. I know Mother's thoughts turned often to Edinburg in her last years. It was  home.

I am back  in Maine now, full of gratitude for all that you,  our family's friends and neighbors in Edinburg, did to help Linda, Mark, and me bring our mother home, where she needed and wanted to be.

Ann Gire Cole

Erma Lone 
Oct 13, 2015

My Grandfather Joseph Peterson was born just south of Edinburg in 1885 on what the locals tell me is called Peppermint Hill. When I see that landmark, I know I am almost to Edinburg :-)
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