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Cole Vendsel Email
Feb 26

Always great to check on the Edinburg website. Great pictures Oma! Love you.

Vivian Mills Email
Feb 22

Browsing around on a Saturday and discovered your site. My mother Minnie Wick was born in Edinburg on May 1, 1900. Probably not in town but on the farm where her parents, Oluv and Martea Wick, homesteaded. For some reason her birth didn't get recorded and when she applied for Social Security benefits the government wouldn't process the application, so she had to get signed affidavits from living siblings to attest that she had been born in Edinburg on that date. It worked. I would be pleased if anyone who reads this would share information about the Wick family. 

Melody J Email
Feb 21

Living in a big city like Chicago makes me tear up just thinking about how wonderful it would be to live in a nice small town like that. Oh how I wish....

Sidney Gire Email
Feb 20

I just want you to know that I visit the Edinburg website often, and always look forward to reading about current activities in your Crows Nest.  I grew up in Edinburg, and Edinburg will always be "home" to me.

Raande Loshbaugh Email
Feb 8

While looking through some family records I saw that my uncle was christened in Trinity Lutheran church in Edinburg in 1915.  As my Grandmom was from Park City and Grandad from Ft Ransom I had to check out where Edinburg was.
Love the site, happy to see a picture of the current Trinity church.  Maybe I will visit some day.  Going to check your Crow's nest

Linda Riccardo Henderson 
Jan 30

Hello, love your webpage and learning that you citizens participate in “Warm up America,” I grew up in Emerado and now live outside Sacramento. I also knit for charities. 

I wondered where your town was located as a postal package was misrouted to your town instead of Emerado.  

Peace be with you. 

addhunters Email
Jan 22

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Randy Steen Email
Dec 22, 2019

I always enjoy reading this site.  I love the Crow's Nest. Every time I read it I get a chuckle.  Rita....your sleeping attire this time gave me a good laugh.  Anyway, thanks for keeping info from good old Edinburg alive for those of us that no longer live there.   God Bless.

Gerald Brandvold Email
Dec 17, 2019

I read the Guestbook regularly and saw where the Monsons were visiting John in Carson City, where I live.  I checked the internet for his address and lo and behold his parents were there visiting . We had a short visit and took a picture.   You never know when a person from Edinburg will show up on your doorstep.
       With the passing of John Evenson, my Cousin, I have no other living direct relatives in the area.  My Wife, Marilyn, also passed recently.  Keep up the good work on keeping us former residents informed on the town's happenings.

Carol Kadlec Howe Email
Dec 15, 2019

Thank you again, Rita! It’s always so enjoyable to read the goings on in Edinburg (home). Sure miss it, especially this time of year. BTW, I am in my nighttime attire - stretchy everything! Must be the age! 😊. Blessings to all!
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