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Ann Gire Cole Email
July 11

Just a small note on an item in the June Crow's Nest.  The given name of my uncle Hoot Johnson, who was married to my aunt Ivah Shuley Johnson, was Gardar, rather than Garner.  I spent many hours at their house in Edinburg and am glad it continues to be so well cared for.

Stuart Skjerven Email
May 14

I spent many wonderful summers in Edinburg.  My grandparents were Joe & Lucille Lykken.  My grandmother taught at the school for many years.  The best summer job I ever had was the summer I hoed beets for the Hall's. Greg Hall was my boss.  Classic small town life in the heartland! 

Carol Anderson Graalum Email
April 4

Every winter I thank my husband for moving us south to Texas! Have not read this site for a long time, but find it interesting when I do. How did we all get this old so fast??

Mike Yantzer Email
March 24

My folks were born and raised in the Bismarck/Mandan area of N.D. They moved to Seattle in 1959. I was born in 1960. An old friend from high school Greg Loftus lives in your small town. Very interesting reading about it's history.

Dr. Kyle Holstein Oleynik Email
March 13

I would like it if more readers would visit my site: The Aristocracy of Europe: Through Oneida. http://oneidalife.com.

Mike Spanier Email
Sept 18, 2018

Hi to everyone back home. Thinks are going good here. Hi to the table of knowledge have not found one here guess nobodies smart enough.

Victor Email
July 26, 2018

Thank you, wonderful.

Andy Gilbert Email
July 5, 2018

Always nice to read about "back home" ~western Walsh County

Janet Haug McLeod Email
July 1, 2018

I love and enjoy reading your news of Edinburg in the Crow’s Nest!

Rita Mielke Email
April 30, 2018

I am writing a note to check on the convenience of writing a post.  Someone said it was rather difficult to post on the guestbook.  Sure hope this goes through okay.
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