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Erik D Heskin Email
Jan 24

regarding the Market on Main.  Have you considered opening a Kickstart or  I think many would donate via the internet.  I know Jif (former employee of the store) and I would donate.  I bet there would be many former citizens that would give to keep it going! 

Luke Madison  
Nov 20, 2017

I hope I can visit someday this place looks lit

Benjamin Flom 
Nov 20, 2017

It's a pretty alright town.
But pretty alright.

Rev. Erik D. Heskin Email
Oct 30, 2017

Hearing in Escanaba Mi that bad news of the Hall fire.  Glad to hear it wasn't used for potatoes but flooded Jif and I with memories.  John... dropping off a 50 lb bag of potatoes and saying.... "Only time I'll do this.. go to the warehouse whenever..  and then leaving with that little limp/thump.   Being on fire dept/emt thinking of those guys. praying for all the halls in general and those I haven't seen.   You all have such a piece of my heart and Jif's heart that you probably can't understand. 

Love Edinburg and her citizens. 

Pastor Erik D. Heskin.

Trisha Flaten-Barner Email
June 14, 2017

Thank you to the beautiful town of Edinburg! My father Alfred Flaten was placed next to my Mom in the Trinity cemetery this past weekend. Such wonderful people to work with to make this happen. The Mielke's were so wonderful to have a coffee reception following our service...Rita, those caramel bars were AMAZING!!! Driving away was bitter sweet as the family had such amazing memories. Thank you to everyone that took care of us as only a town like this can do!

Julie Wallum Pierce Email
March 15, 2017

Thank you for this site!
I live in Seattle and read about Vernon Gestson's service in the Seattle Times and represented Edinburg and the Wallum family at his service.

Terri Carter (Gestson) 
Feb 17, 2017

Wanted to let you know that Vernon Gestson passed away Friday, feb 10. He was 93. He was my uncle and was the oldest of the six children. Just Dolly left of the family, so sad to lose another family member.

George Benjaminson Email
Feb 6, 2017


I received word last week that Alfred Flaten had passed.
He had been retired and living in Florida for many years.
A good friend from Fairdale, Marlys (Chally) Sorbo, had stayed in touch with Al's kids and relayed the information to me - - -
Al had been dealing with medical issues for several years, apparently.
Best to all,


Hartley Troftgruben 
Jan 16, 2017

Happy New Year to all friends and family in or from Edinburg! Always enjoy this site. Thanks Rita! I now live in the Vancouver, Washington area. Enjoyed my last visit to Walsh County about a year ago and really enjoyed it.

Hartley Troftgruben

Drew Eden Email
Jan 7, 2017

I was browsing Google maps and spotted Edinburg in ND. It's great to see other places named after my hometown
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